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Pali Seacliff

Kayak and Snorkel

Quick Details

Adult (16+ years old)
Private Tour

4 hours on the intermediate Seacliffs adventure!

This is uber-private Maui snorkeling where we tuck in along the beautiful South facing seacliffs that tower over the coral gardens below. Also we see the Humpback Whales up close during the Winter months on the Seacliffs kayaking tour!

Advanced and adults only.

  • Paddling distance can be over 4 miles and we snorkel with the varied tropical marine life 2 different times! No other tour combines privacy and access to marine life in the way our Seacliffs tour does.
    Due to the longer nature of the tour, we do limit the Seacliffs to those aged 16 and over only.
    If you have younger kids, please check out the Discovery tour which departs from Olowalu and Makena. We’ll get going at 7:00am and continue all the way until around 11:15am. Over the course of 4 hours we’ll snorkel 2 times weather permitting.

Guides are the difference.

  • Our guides will show you all of the underwater spectacles themselves, as we are the only snorkeling outfitter that always gets right in the water with you.
  • They anchor the boats, gear you up, point out marine life and regail you with tales of yesteryear and Hawaiian legend all through the tour.
  • Service is the difference and we pride ourselves on personal attention and first class service.

Tread lightly.

  • Unlike the big gas guzzling power boats that visit the Molokini, Kapalua and Makena coastlines, we’ll show you all the underwater highlights and above water scenery in a completely environmentally friendly way.
  • Our kayaks are a zero emissions way to see nature, don’t disturb the marine life or their environment and allow us to access some unique spots that you normally can’t get to. Let us show you how we do it.
    We guarantee you’ll love it!